Analysis and Recommendations of IDFI on the Action Plan of Georgia

On August 30, 2011, Georgia responded to the invitation of the US President Barack Obama and the Brazilian President Dilma Rouseff and officially expressed its readiness to actively participate in the Open Government Partnership initiative as “a regional leader” and to address the challenges of open governance in the 21st century.

The participant countries of the Open Government Partnership signed the Open Government Declaration to commit to:

  • Increasing the availability of information about governmental activities;
  • Supporting civic participation;
  • Implementing the highest standards of professional integrity throughout our administrations;
  • Increasing access to new technologies for openness and accountability.

For the full involvement in the OGP the government of Georgia took the obligation to carry out following commitments:

  • Use the networking mechanism to develop ideas for concrete commitments;
  • Begin the process of developing concrete country commitments;
  • Participate in an OGP peer engagement meeting in December 2011;
  • Deliver an action plan and endorse the OGP Declaration in March 2012.

A special web-site was created for the Open Government Partnership where all news and activities related to the OGP are published.

Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are actively involved in the OGP from the government of Georgia.

A special page was created at the official web-site of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia where the Government of Georgia publishes information about its activities related to the OGP.

Ministry of Justice of Georgia also published the draft of the country’s Action Plan for the OGP and discussion about its further development is actively provided with the civil society.

Also the Government of Georgia has already published information on its efforts and plans regarding the development of the Action Plan for the OGP.

Institute for Development of Freedom of Information which is focused on the issues related to the Open Government Partnership and is involved in working processes related to OGP has been being participating in elaboration of the Georgia’s Action Plan of the OGP from the very beginning.

IDFI has provided several meetings and with the representatives of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia. The main issue to discuss was the action plan of Georgia for the OGP. On February 1st IDFI submitted to the Analytical Department of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia analysis and recommendations for the draft of the Action Plan

Please see the OGP Action Plan of Georgia – IDFI Analysis and Recomendations

At this stage the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information coordinates the working group inside the “Coalition for Media Advocacy” where together with the representatives of Transparency International Georgia, Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association and other representatives of member media and civil society organizations, the joint recommendations for the Action Plan of Georgia for the OGP was elaborated.

On 12 March, the joint recommendations were submitted to the Ministry of Justice of Georgia and the process of discussion around the topic is developing.

Please see the joint recommendations of the Coalition for Media Advocacy on the Action Plan of Georgia for the OGP.

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