Sartichala Hosted the Workshop on OGP and Freedom of Information in Georgia


On March 28 with the support of the USAID program Good Governance in Georgia (G-3), IDFI conducted the workshop for the locals of Sartichala. The workshop was held within the frames of the ‘Improving Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Process and Increasing Public Awareness of FOIA’ project.

The meeting took place in the Sartichala Public Center of the LEPL State Services Development Agency. The event aimed at raising the consciousness of the local society in freedom of information issues and encouraging their participation in decision-making process.

Director of IDFI Giorgi Kldiashvili made the attendants familiar with the information about the Open Government Partnership, initiatives of the government of Georgia and the commitments taken within the frames of this initiative. Giorgi Kldiashvili also talked about the legislation and practice of access to information in Georgia as well as the ways of requesting and receiving the information.

The representatives of the Public Center and local self-government, librarians, teachers and other citizens actively participated in the workshop.

The meeting was held in the discussion format. The attendants asked about the mechanisms through which the citizens could communicate with the government and share their views and ideas with the decision-makers. Giorgi Kldiashvili concerned the issue of the e-participation tools, including petitions, public discussions, ability to comment or send a question through online communication form. He also talked about the importance of the transparency which is guaranteed in case of e-participation.

Citizens asked questions regarding the issues they were most interested in and put emphases on the importance of participating in legislative or other kinds of initiatives and proactively receiving the information about the expenses of the government as well as planned projects.

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