Discussion with students about OGP


On 23th of September Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) held discussion with students at Multimedia Education Center (MEC). The workshop was attended by students of various universities and faculties. The workshop was organized within the framework of the project “Facilitate Open Government Partnership Initiative”.

dscn9742Levan Avalishvili, chairman of the board of IDFI explained to the students how OGP works, which commitments will Georgia implement and what should be done to increase participation in working and monitoring process of OGP Action Plan.

Levan Avalishvili has defined each commitment and asked students to create one commitment for Tbilisi City Hall, which should be accomplished within the framework of National Action Plan 2014-2015. Having discussed, the participants have agreed that Tbilisi City Hall should implement services focused on communication with citizens, improving traffic flow and decreasing air pollution.dscn9753

Students believe that the web-site of Tbilisi City Hall should have a function to issue any sort of authorization electronically. Besides, the participants think that citizen service at Tbilisi City Hall is one of the significant problems, which could be improved by introducing electronic registration in queues. As one of the participants has noted, if the citizens are able to learn the number of those standing in the queue from the web-site, and are also able to receive queue number from home, they will spare time and resources.


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