Workshop with Students of LibCenter about OGP

10715690_10202530732935508_930565531_n1On 24th of September Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) held the workshop with students of Training Center for Liberalism within the framework of the project Facilitate Open Government Partnership Initiative fund by USAID Good Governance in Georgia (G3) Program.  Levan Avalishvili, chairman of the board of IDFI told students about activities of Open Government Partnership. The LibCenter unites students from various universities and faculties.

The workshop was attended by the previous and current groups of Libcenter. Lavan Avalishvili underlined the importance of open data and accessibility of public information. He explain the participants how they can use data and control the state authorities through this way.

The chairman of IDFI defined to students how OGP works, what reforms were implemented within the framework of previous Action Plan by the government. Second part of the meeting covered future plans. Levan Avalishvili mentioned that Georgia’s National Action Plan of 2014-2015 comprises 27 commitments to be implemented by 16 responsible agencies. He explained what each of them means and what kind of benefit they will bring for citizens.

dsc_0101Students were interested in commitments which are connected to public information such as Developing Citizen’s Portal, Creating open data portal – and E-petitions portal

They asked the speaker to clarify how  electronic catalogues of the documents preserved in the Ministry of Internal Affairs Archive will be created and publishd as well as how it will be possible to use documents kept in the Archive.

Levan Avalishvili answered all questions and emphasized the importance of citizen’s participations on OGP and explained them how they can become involved in working process of OGP action plan.


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