Government of Georgia Decree on OGP National Action Plan (2014-2015)

OGP LogoOn September 18th, 2014, the Government of Georgia published the Decree (#557) about National Action Plan of OGP (2014-2015). The Action Plan comprises 27 commitments to be implemented by 16 responsible agencies until the end of 2015.

The first challenge that the Action Plan commitment will address is public service improvement, under which the Ministry of Justice and the Public Service Hall will implement several projects, for example, making the insurance policy – will be available in Public Service Hall.“Voice of the Consumer”, which will allow citizens to directly participate in improving PSH service quality, also, there will be drive-up windows of JUSTdrive at the Tbilisi PSH allowing citizens to save time when acquiring the service.

Within the challenge of Community Centers will develop, public libraries will be modernized and Citizen’s Portal will be improved by adding new services. The open data portal will be created as well.


Government of Georgia

The second challenge is to increase public integrity. Precisely within the challenge transparency and impartiality of civil service recruitment process will be made, freedom of information act will elaborated and the government of Georgia will create the petitions portal Also, the surveillance statistics should be published and the public officials’ assetdeclaration monitoring system should be set up.

The third challenge of the OGP Action Plan is more effectively managing public resources, in response, government should try to establish mechanism to inform the public on budgetary processes and increased accessibility of national archives, besides, electronic catalogues of the documents preserved in the Ministry of Internal Affairs Archive (former KGB of Georgia documents) should be created and published.

The last, fourth challenge is to create safer communities. To establish an interactive statistics and crime mapping, citizens can see what is the level of crime (via the internet) in the desire area. In addition, the challenge will be set up within the 112 (Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia Emergency and Operative Response Center) to connect to a variety of channels. For people with disability whole process will be easier and even then, connection will be possible if the mobile device is out of coverage area.

The National Action Plan 2014-2015 is a joint product of an intense cooperation of government and civil society. Citizens of Georgia also participated in the process of elaborating the AP through Public Consultations in 2014. The AP was elaborated within the national coordination mechanism of the Open Government Partnership in Georgia – Open Government Georgia’s Forum (Forum). It includes the results of public consultations conducted throughout the whole county.


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