Official website of Ministry of Internal Affairs has become adaptive for blind people


One more commitment has been fulfilled in the framework of Open Government Partnership (OGP) Action Plan 2014-15 Georgia.

Official website of Ministry of Internal Affairs has become adaptive for blind people. People with vision disabilities are able to use the website and get familiar to the published information via listening or reading with special system;

Presentation of the project took place on November 18th; As it was mentioned during the meeting, Ministry of Internal Affairs is the first institution, which launched this kind of project. Department of Public Relations started working on the idea to make adaptive page for the people with vision loss in cooperation with the members of Union of Blinds in Georgia – Beka Gozalishvili and Vladimer Urdulashvili;

Ministry of Internal Affairs took commitment towards people with disabilities in the framework of OGP Action Plan 2014-15; the project responded OGP challenges, particularly, improving public service and accessing information;

In the framework of the following commitment Ministry will establish the tool of online-consultation and Live Chat application will be added to the website. It will give opportunity to citizens to contact official figures at Ministry, ask questions or give recommendations on the issue under Ministry’s competence.

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