OGP Sent Letters to Countries Encouraging Submission of Action Plans

ogpOpen Government Partnership (OGP) sent letter to member countries to submit second action plans. Letters were sent to the following ten countries that have not submitted NAPs within four months of the due date: Australia, Colombia, Italy, Kenya, Latvia, Malawi, Montenegro, Peru, Slovakia, Ukraine

According to OGP rules, countries more than four months late in submitting their NAP will be considered acting contrary to OGP process for that action plan cycle. The Support Unit is now publishing the letters sent to countries whose plans were due by the end of June, 2014, but have not yet submitted them.

The notification from the Support Unit encourages countries to complete their new NAP soon in order to avoid a review by Criteria and Standards Subcommittee of OGP in the future.

Besides, Support Unit created a database of all the new commitments categorized by topic. In all 900 commitments across 48 new action plans were reviewed and tagged

Complete dataset can be accessed here – 2014 – 2016 New Action Plan Commitments Data

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