The last meeting of OGP forum in 2014

The last meeting of OGP forum 2014 was on December 3.  The members discussed about monitoring and evaluating 2014-2015 National Action Plan. Forms will be filled quarterly by institutions, which, according to OGP-‘s 2014-2015 National Action Plan, are responsible to implement the commitments. Authorities will point out the stage of implementation of each activity. The schedule will be submitted to the Secretariat and the assessment of civil society and Secretariat rate will be attached.

“It will be a mechanism to identify problems in order to see what’s going on, what kind of problems exist during implementation process and how we can help with our resources”- said Rusudan Mikhelidze, Co-chair of the forum and head of the analytical department of the Ministry of Justice.


The members of the board, the archive member of Internal Affairs Davit AlaverdaSvili noted that it is desirable to use the 5-step system, instead of 4-step, to get a more accurate assessment and not leave the ability of broad interpretations. Also, there were considerations from other members of the forum that, it is important to define the potential meaning of each step, which will make the assessment mechanism more objective.

In the end it was decided that for the first quarter of the monitoring framework 4-step system will be offered for Open Government Secretariat. After piloting quarter, the forum will take a decision about using 5-step system.

In addition to the approval of the monitoring reports, the chairman of the forum “the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information” (IDFI) Giorgi Kldiashvili gave information to the members about the obligations which will be implemented in 2014. As he noted, several obligations already performed. For example, the Supreme Court issued a  surveillance statistic, Audit Office publishes financial reports of political parties in readable format, machines of voice of the consumers were placed in House of Justice and the web page of the Ministry of Internal Affairs became adaptable for blind people.

The forum was about the progress which was implemented by several agencies. Including Data Exchange Agency (DEA), DEA should create date portal, and develop portal. As the spokesman Nika Gagnidze said they send several letters to the public authorities for the purpose of collecting date, but about 20 agencies did not answer it. The agency asked OGP forum to help in communication process. As Nika Gagnidze noted, creating user’s manual and training of representatives are planned. After those activities, the process of placing data in the portal will be easier for the members of the agency.

The representative of Public Service Development Agency (PSDA), Nana Tsiklauri spoke about the process of transformation of public libraries. As she noted, the process of opening renew libraries was delayed due to technical problems and two of them will be open in 2015.

Implementing education service was planned for 2014 but this obligation was added to the action plan at last and terms recorded hastily. In fact, this service will be available from May 2015.

The next session of the forum will be on 22 January 2015.

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