OGP Forum has held its First Meeting of 2015

The first meeting of Open Government forum was held in 2015, on January 22nd. The members of the forum discussed monitoring of implementation of the commitments taken within the framework of Action Plan 2014-2015 and considered in details the reporting forms to be completed quarterly.

As Keti Tsanava, the National Coordinator of OGP said, the Supreme Court, Public Service Development agency, Data Exchange Agency and the Audit Service have fully completed the reporting form on implementation of commitments undertaken in 2014-2015 Action Plan. Some flaws were found in the reports sent by other authorized agencies. Keti Tsanava noticed that reports would be complete and sent to the Civil Society for the comments by the next meeting of the forum to be held in February.

Forum Meeting 22.01

Forum Meeting 22.01

The director of the “Institute for development of freedom of information” (IDFI) Giorgi Kldiashvili expressed the opinion that each public institution should immediately inform the Secretariat about the scope of any activity implemented within the framework of OGP. After that, the Secretariat will spread information, “this way we can proactively monitor what is done in frames of Open Government Partnership. There are cases when the projects are implemented but are not reported”, – noticed Giorgi Kldiashvili.

Two agencies made presentations about their implemented activities – Civil Service Bureau and the Audit Service. According to the representative of Civil Service Bureau implementation of the thirteenth commitment is almost finished, meaning establishment transparent and unbiased rules for recruiting civil servants. According to the Decree of the Government about “Public Service” (#412), the rules for conducting competition are established. Some legislative amendments are planned for 2015. Besides, there are a number of changes on the employment web-page (hr.gov.ge): it is possible to see how many people applied for a vacancy and to edit the resume. Mobile version of the web-site has also been created.

Another commitment of Civil Service Bureau is to create monitoring system of asset declarations of higher officials. According to the representative of the agency the working group was created which developed a vision about the mechanism which should be used for checking the declarations. The working group will introduce its vision on a session of Anti-Corruption Council scheduled for February 4, after which  a discussion with stakeholders will be started.

According to the Action Plan, the same public institution has taken the commitment to develop electronic system of human resource management in Public Service. According to the representative, there are a few programs, but it is not decided yet which one will be implemented in all institutions.

The Audit Service has met its commitment to make information presented by the political parties available in machine readable format. After the local self-government elections in 2014 the financial information of parties as well as donations are published in excel format.

After the elections the statistical information has also been published on the web-page. According to the representative of the Audit Service, although not included in the Action Plan, the agency is planning to modify web-page, to add search engine enabling browsing information according to a specific person or political party.

The OGP-Georgia forum also discussed communication strategy which aims to raise public awareness about OGP.

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