OGP Commitment Implementation Progress

According to the action plan 2014-2015 of Open Partnership Georgia, 27 commitments should be fulfilled. Among them some have already implemented and others are in the way of fulfillment.

1Development of Community Centers

According to the action plan, 6 civic centers have to be added on existed 12 centers till the end of 2014. Social Development Service Agency has already opened 5 centers – in Mejvriskhevi, Kachreti, Geguti, Mukhaestate and Duis. Agency also reports that in 2015 similar center will be build in different 13 villages.

2Create open data portal

Data Exchange Agency is involved in implementation of obligations and has already launched open data portal www.data.gov.ge, where you can find 49 data of 9 different organizations. Training was held for up to 80 employees from 25 different organizations on how to locate various types of information protected in organization.

Publish financial declarations and other related information on political parties in machine readable format

State Audit office of Georgia has fulfilled its obligation and started to disseminate the financial reports as well as donations of Political Parties in excel document. Previously, the scanned version of abovementioned documents disabled interested persons to search proper information.

According to the representative from the State Audit Office of Georgia, modification of the web-page is planned despite the fact that it was not written in the commitments. Search system will also be added that enables to find information by specific persons or political parties. Additionally, besides quarterly financial reports, annual reports are also planned to displace in searching format.

3Proactive publication of surveillance statistics

The Supreme Court of Georgia has also fulfilled undertaken obligation and published public information on how many motions had been submitted in the First Instance Court on phone conversation surveillance. It is substantial that the court has disseminated the registry of hidden investigation activities by the first instant courts.

Accessibility of webpage of Ministry of Interior for people with disabilities

One more commitment has been fulfilled in the framework of Open Government Partnership (OGP) Action Plan 2014-15 Georgia.

Official website of Ministry of Internal Affairs has become adaptive for blind people. People with vision disabilities are able to use the website http://voice.police.ge/ and get familiar to the published information via listening or reading with special system. “Live Chat” has also been added through which the online consultations with MIA issues are absolutely possible.

4Voice of the consumer

In public service hall is placed special devices though which every citizen has opportunity to express their opinion on services and current processed at public service hall.

Transparency and impartiality of civil service recruitment process

Undertaken commitment of promoting transparent acceptance at civil service is on its way of implementation. Based on the government decree (#412), the rules of competition have been adopted. In 2015 several changes are agreed to occur. Besides, some positive changes have already made on hr.gov.ge regarding the number of applications for one specific position. Additionally, the mobile version of the web-page is available.

Set up public officials’ asset declaration monitoring system

Civil service bureau is obliged to create monitoring system of public officials’ asset declarations. Within the department the working group has been created in order to adopt specific tools for monitoring asset declarations. On February, 4 will be held anti-corruption council meeting where they will present their views.

51Develop electronic human resources management system for civil service

According to action plan, civil service bureau is committed to develop electronic system for management of human resources. As the representative of civil service bureau states: “there are several programs but it is not decided to which one will be established in all institutions”

Transformation of public libraries for regional development

State Service Development Agency has made a commitment for transformation of 4 libraries into civic centers till the end of 2014. But none of them is completed at the moment. Because of technical problems the process will be extended and two of them will be opened in January, 2015

 Accessibility of Ministry of Education Services in Public Service Halls

State Service Development Agency must provide the fulfillment one of the important commitments through which every 6citizen will be able to verify and legalize all documents in one department, precisely in public service hall. Above mention commitment was the last and has been added to the action plan in September 2014, while the implementation date is defined till October, 2014. Service Development agency stated that the date was defined incorrectly and this commitment will be implemented in May, 2015. Admittedly, according to the action plan, another commitment implies the development of digital signature and online authentication. Project will enable citizens to receive official documents electronically. Still the obligations of public service hall have not been implemented according which the taken of Travel Insurance Policy could have been[possible till the end of 2014.


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