OGP published a calendar with relevant dates and deadlines for its member countries

Open Government Partnership (OGP) published a calendar guidance note on its website, where all the relevant dates and deadlines for OGP member countries are mentioned.

The calendar has been created for Georgia too. According to the calendar implementing of second action plan of Georgia should be finished no later than 30th June, 2016.

Government should implement self-assessment report till September 2015 and report, created by Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM) should be published no later than January 2016.

Both documents will evaluate the implementation process of commitments. First document is prepared by government, second one – by civil sector. Government and civil sector is equally involved in estimation process, as cooperation of these two is the way OGP aims to increase transparency and accountability of government.

Georgia should start working on third action plan – 2016-2017 in January 2016 and finish it until June 30th, 2016. Final results of IRM report about second action plan will be published in this period.

Implementation process of third action plan will start in 1th July 2016 and last till June 2018.


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