OGP Georgia 2014-2015 [VIDEO]

Open Government Partnership is an international initiative Which is comprised of 64 states. It aims to enhance transparency and accountability.

Georgia joined OGP in 2011.
Countries are united to improve for citizens:
– Transparency and accountability of public agencies;
– Public integrity;
– Public services;
– Management of public resources;
– Safe communities

Currently Georgia is a member of the Steering Committee of OGP
Georgia should implement 27 commitments within 2 years. These commitments include:
– Implementing the Freedom of Information Act of Georgia
– Creating E-petition and Open Data portals
– Disclosing court statistics on secret surveillance
– Developing community centers
– Modernizing public libraries
– Establish effective informing the public on budgetary processes
Get further information on OGP Georgia ā€“ get involved!

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