2015 OGP Award will be Launched on 16th of March

On March 16, 2015 OGP will launch its 2nd annual Open Government Awards. This year’s theme will be “Improving Public Services through Open Government”.

“Our goal is to once again showcase and celebrate the reformers who work so hard behind the scenes to make their governments more open and accountable. The Awards competition aims to give these individuals well-deserved recognition on the global stage, with the goal of inspiring other reformers around the world to learn from their successes”, – is mentioned in OGP announcement.

ogpPublic services are the most direct way in which people interact with and experience their government. Nowadays, people have potential to be active rather than passive users of public services and governments can and should help to strengthen this role. That’s where ‘open government’ comes in.

Participating countries must consult with civil society organizations to nominate the best initiative to put forward for the 2015 Awards. This process may last up to 4 weeks.

initiatives should demonstrate one or more of the following elements in its design:

  •  Citizens can access information on the public services to which they are entitled, and/or information on the performance of public service providers
  • Governments seek and respond to feedback or complaints by citizens on the quality of public services
  • Citizens have ways to actively participate in the design and delivery of public services
  • Citizens have mechanisms to monitor and oversee public works and services

Submission deadline is  April 17. In August OGP will contact the winning teams. Open Government Award Ceremony will be held in October.

There are 65 OGP participating countries now and each one no doubt will have a different model of engaging citizens in public service delivery to bring to the Awards. OGP judges will therefore be asked to assess the boldness of each initiative relative to the unique challenges different countries are facing.

The first OGP award was announced in 2014 where Thirty-three countries participated. Georgia was among them with nomination of Community Centers project, but could not win.

Top three finalists were as follows: third place was given to the Philippines for the Grassroots Participatory Budgeting program, Montenegro took the second place for a public engagement campaign called “Be Responsible,” and Denmark achieved the first place for a Statutory Elected Senior Citizens’ Council.

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