France was Elected as a Co-Chair of OGP Steering Committee

Starting in October 2015, the government of France will follow the successful tenures of Brazil, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Mexico and South Africa, as Open Government Partnership (OGP) Co-Chair. imagesOGP Steering committee consists of representatives of member state’s governments and civil society, whose will be distributed among various structural units such as: Chairmanship, GL (Governance and Leadership), Subcommittees, PLS (Peer Learning and Support) and CS (Criteria and Standards). Georgia is at the same time member of Steering Committee and PLS. OGP Steering Committee members are called jointly to lead OGP current direction and development process, to maintain the highest standards and to ensure long-term sustainability of the initiative envisaged.

The leadership of the OGP Steering Committee is comprised of a revolving management team, including a Lead Government Chair, a Support (or incoming) Government Chair, and two Civil Society Chairs. The Lead Chairs are selected from among the representatives on the Steering Committee. The United States and Brazil served as founding co-chairs of OGP’s Steering Committee. In April 2012, the United Kingdom became Support Chair, and Warren Krafchik became the initiative’s first Civil Society Chair. Before that, there were no civil society representatives presented at Steering Committee Chairmanship. In 2013 Indonesia replaced UK, and in 2014, Indonesia has been replaced by Mexico.

The cooperation in Steering Committee is based on the following principles: First of all, state is elected on a support Co-Chair position, and a year later state occupies the position of Lead Chair. In October, 2015 France will become support Co-Chair, it will replace South Africa on this position, which in turn will take place of Lead Chair and in October, 2016 France will take over Lead Chair position, previously occupied by South Africa.

ვორენ კრაფჩიკი

Shortly after joining the OGP in 2014, France won a prestigious Open Government Partnership Award for its web portal, which contains data from all French ministries as well as numerous French NGOs, research organizations and corporations and is designed to encourage citizen interaction and contribution.

In regard of France appointment to OGP Steering Committee as a support Co-Chair, French President Francois Hollande said:  “This is a source of great satisfaction as well as a mark of recognition. We consider the renewal of democracy through transparency, citizen participation, and the restoration of confidence between public authorities and civil societies around the world to be a priority for France.”

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