Ministry of Justice holds 14th OGP Working Meeting

14th meetingOn August 6th, 2015, the Ministry of Justice held the 14th working meeting of the Open Government Partnership (OPG) Forum. Representatives of public institutions, Non-Governmental and International Organizations attended the event. At the same time, representatives from the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) were present at the meeting, among them was the Chairman of the IDFI – Levan Avalishvili.

Zurab Sanikidze, the Co-Chair of the Open Government Forum and Keti Tsanava, National Coordinator of OGP Georgia informed the audience about the recent developments in Open Government Partnership. Since Georgia was elected as a member of the Steering Committee in 2014 and the Ministry of Justice represents the Georgian government in the Committee, representatives of the Ministry attended the Working Meeting of the OGP Steering Committee that took place on 22-23 July, 2015, in South Africa. The Committee discussed topics related to the OGP budget and its allocation., forthcoming Open Government Partnership Global Summit Mexico 2015 and the voting results for the next members of the Steering Committee.

The OGP participating governments vote to elect new government representatives to the Steering Committee each year. It was pronounced that three countries: Chile, Indonesia and Romania will form the Committee from October 1st, 2015.  Also, the Steering Committee expressed its volition to expand the role and engagement of Australia, Azerbaijan and Turkey in OPG. Georgian representation voiced its readiness to work with Azerbaijan and share their experience with them.

Moreover, preparation of  the midterm evaluation report of the Open Government Partnership Action Plan 2014 – 2015 was discussed at the Ministry of Justice. Monitoring results of 1st quarter of 2015, for fulfillment of the Action Plan were also presented. According to the data, out of 29 Action Plan commitments 6 are fully fulfilled, while 15 are mostly accomplished and 8 partly implemented.

During the meeting, support of the donor organizations to public administration reform was also reviewed.

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