Heads of IDFI meet with the President of the Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica

costa rica

Within the Open Government Partnership Global Summit that took place in Mexico City, Mexico, on October 28-29th, Georgian delegation (Director of IDFI, Giorgi Kldiashvili; Chairman of IDFI, Levan Avalishvili and MP, Tamar Kordzaia) met with Rafael Ortiz Fábrega, the President of the Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica.

During the meeting, delegations of Georgia and Costa Rica discussed bilateral relations between the countries. Representatives of the IDFI and Georgian MP, talked about Georgian experience of executed changes in the legislative branch and attained progress. They further shared information on civic engagement and involvement of NGOs in the legislative activities of the Parliament of Georgia.

Notably, Rafael Ortiz Fábrega expressed his volition to implement the principles of open parliament in Costa Rica according to the standards and principles of Georgian open parliament action plan, for which Georgian side pledged full support and assistance.

Giorgi Kldiashvili and Levan Avalishvili highlighted the role of civil society and non-governmental organizations in the process of elaboration of the Open Parliament Georgia Action Plan 2015-2016. They mentioned the Action Plan is a very ambitious document and a successful implementation of its principles mostly depend on the political will and readiness of the legislators and government of Georgia. Levan Avalishvili drew attention to the commitments encompassing accountability, access on information, technologies and innovations, and the importance of properly fulfilling them.

As the President of the Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica was interested how Georgia is implementing the Open Government Partnership principles, Georgian delegation discussed various mechanisms of the OGP; talked about forming of the Inter-Factional Group of the Parliament of Georgia, signing the Memorandum on Parliamentary Openness, by which the Parliament of Georgia officially joined the Open Government Partnership and the Declaration on Parliamentary Openness signed among the representatives of the NGOs and international organizations.

Within the meeting, representatives of Costa Rica and Georgia also discussed diplomatic ties of two counties. In particular, it was emphasized that the embassies of Costa Rica in Europe can provide a diplomatic coverage of Georgia.

“I am ready to discuss topic presented by you with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Costa Rica and consider covering Georgia from Europe” – claimed the President of the Legislative Assembly, Rafael Ortiz.

Georgian MP, Tamar Kordzaia discussed existing friendly ties between two countries. The MP claimed, she hopes friendly relations between Costa Rica and Georgia will further develop and deepen in the areas of mutual interest.

Regarding this, the MP, Tamar Kordzaia handed over an invitation letter of the Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia, David Usupashvili to the President of the Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica, Rafael Ortiz. Mr. Ortiz expressed his gratitude for the invitation and in return, invited Georgian side to Costa Rica.

Tamar Kordzaia thanked the representatives of Costa Rica for supporting territorial integrity and sovereignty of Georgia and expressed her hope that Costa Rica will continue its support for the Resolution of the UN General Assembly. The President of the Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica declared that the government of his country opposes any kind of aggression against the sovereign state and emphasized Costa Rica’s support for the territorial integrity of Georgia.

Meeting of the representatives of two countries was held within the Open Government Partnership Global Summit that took place in Mexico City, Mexico. With the support of the UNDP and the EU, the IDFI ensured the attendance of the MP – Tamar Kordzaia and the Head of Public Relations and Information Department – Nino Beradze at the OGP Global Summit.

The OGP initiative is a multilateral initiative and intends to provide a platform for domestic reformers to make their governments more responsive, accountable and transparent to their citizens.

Georgia joined the Partnership in 2011 and since December, 2014, IDFI has been implementing the project ”Supporting Involvement of the Parliament of Georgia in Open Government Partnership Initiative”. The Project is funded in the framework of the EU and the Parliament of Georgia Program: “Strengthening the System of Parliamentary Democracy in Georgia Project Document” which is implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). ‘Supporting Involvement of the Parliament of Georgia in Open Government Partnership Initiative’ aims to promote parliamentary openness and transparency, increase citizen engagement into the legislative processes through the involvement of Parliament in the OGP.

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