OG Forum

The national coordination mechanism of the Open Government Partnership in Georgia – Open Government Georgia’s Forum (Forum) is created in the framework of the Anti-Corruption Council of Georgia. The present document defines the mandate of the Forum.

1. Objectives of the Forum

Following are the objectives of the Forum:

  •   Elaboration of proposals and recommendations on the issues related to Open Government Partnership, supporting the process of elaboration of National Action Plan for Open Government, planning and conducting the public consultations.
  •  Supporting and monitoring the National Action Plan implementation. Elaborating recommendations, proposals and presenting to the OGG Secretariat (Analytical Department, Ministry of Justice of Georgia).
  •  Raising public awareness about the OGP-related issues.

2. Members of the Forum

  •  Forum consists of public institutions, the representatives of non-governmental and international organizations, private sector and academia.
  •  Upon invitation of the Forum, local/international experts may also participate in the Forum activities.
  • Forum is led by two co-chairs; one of them representing the public institutions and the other representing the civil society.
  • Candidate representing the public institutions is nominated by the OGG Secretariat, the Forum member NGOs jointly nominate their candidacy.
  •  The Forum elects the co-chairs with the simple majority, for the term of the National Action Plan implementation period.

3. Functions of the Forum Co-chairs

Forum co-chairs:

  • Coordinate the  Forum activities;
  • Organize and conduct the Forum meetings;
  • In agreement with the OGG Secretariat, determine the meeting agenda and the issues to be discussed;
  • In agreement with the Forum, elaborate the Public Consultations Plan and present it to the OGG Secretariat;
  • In agreement with the Secretariat, call the Forum ad hoc meetings;
  • With the support of the OGG Secretariat, elaborate the Forum activity reports, presented to the Anti-Corruption Council of Georgia twice a year.

4. Functions of the Secretariat

The Secretariat of the Open Government Georgia (OGG) is responsible to coordinate the Forum activities and ensure its administrative support. In agreement with the Forum co-chairs, the secretariat:

  •  Calls the Forum meetings;
  •  Defines the agenda and discussion points;
  •  Organizes the Forum meetings;
  •  Prepares the minutes of the Forum meetings;
  •  Presents the Forum activity report to Anti-Corruption Council of Georgia twice a year.

5. Methods of Work

  • Forum meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month.
  • Forum meetings calendar is elaborated by the OGG Secretariat and published on the web-page.
  • Forum members are notified about the Forum meeting and its agenda via OGG’s official e-mail.
  • Forum meeting minutes are sent to the Forum members and are published on the web-page.

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