The first draft of the National Action Plan of 2014-2015 (NAP) as a joint product of an intense cooperation of government and civil society was presented to the Secretariat of the Open Government Partnership (OGP) on May 2, 2014. The Plan was elaborated in the framework of the Open Government Georgia’s Forum(Forum) and public consultations conducted throughout the whole county

Georgia’s National Action Plan of 2014-2015 with its 26 commitments taken by 16 responsible agencies is fully reflecting OGP values and principles as articulated in OGP declaration of principles: transparency, accountability, citizen participation, technology and innovation.

Commitments under the Action Plan correspond to the following Grand Challenges of OGP: Improving Public Services, Increasing Public Integrity, More Effectively Managing Public Resources and Creating Safer Communities.

Open Government Georgia’s Draft Action Plan 2014-2015


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