IDFI’s Recommendations for Georgia’s 2018-2020 OGP National Action Plan

Considering Georgia’s chairmanship of the Open Government Partnership (OGP), commitments undertaken in the National Action Plan (NAP) are of utmost importance.

Unlike previous OGP National Action Plans, the new action plan should be different, ambitious and have a transformative effect.

On the one hand, it is important for the commitments of the new action plan to set an example to other countries of the OGP community and, on the other hand, it is vital for the new OGP NAP commitments to have a significant effect on open government locally.

Below, the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) presents recommendations for Georgia’s 2018-2020 Open Government Action Plan.

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Concept for Electronically Submitting Legislative Proposals and Initiatives to Parliament

On March 5-6, 2016, the Georgian Parliament’s Permanent Council on Open and Transparent Governance adopted a Concept aimed at promoting the implementation of commitment 1.2. of the Open Parliament Georgia Action Plan. The commitment involves creating a mechanism on the Parliament website for electronically submitting and voting on legislative proposals and initiatives.

The goal of the commitment is to create an e-platform where citizens can submit and vote on legislative proposals and initiatives. Based on the above concept, the Council will then develop draft amendments to the Parliamentary Rules of Procedure, which serve as legal basis for the implementation of the commitment.

The Open Parliament Georgia Action Plan (2015-2016) was developed by the Inter-Factional and Civil Society working groups and approved on July 17, 2015. The action plan consists of 18 commitments that reflect OGP’s (Open Government Partnership) four basic principles: citizen participation, access to information, accountability, and innovation and technology.

The action plan implementation by the Parliament is supported by the project – Supporting the Parliament of Georgia in Implementation of the Open Parliament Georgia Action Plan, which is implemented by IDFI with funding from UNDP and EU. IDFI acts as a coordinator between the Parliamentary Council and the Consultative Group.

See the Concept for Electronically Submitting Legislative Proposals and Initiatives to Parliament