Self-Assessment Reports and IRM

special_reportA number of countries have released their self-assessment reports on their participation in the Open Government Partnership and the completion of their respective action plans so far. Thirty-two countries have already published their reports, most of them in English and some available in their respective languages, specifically Colombia, Dominican Republic, Greece, Guatemala, Indonesia, Israel and Paraguay.

The self-assessment reports are annual, to be published at the end of each 12-month implementation cycle. They assess government performance in making progress toward achieving their open government commitments and implementing their action plan. The first deadline was for the eight founding member countries of OGP, set on March 31, 2013. Most countries, Georgia among them, joined the initiative later, in April 2012, and thus the deadline for the submission of the report was September 30, 2013. However, only a part of the member countries have submitted the reports, and Georgia was not among them. Continue reading