Steering Committee

The Open Government Partnership Steering Committee is comprised of government and civil society representatives that together guide the ongoing development and direction of OGP, maintaining the highest standards for the initiative and ensuring its long-term sustainability.

In 2014, for the first time after 2011 OGP steering committee was elected by the member states. The results of the elections, which took place on July 30, had been declared on August 4. USA, Brazil, UK, Philippines and Tanzania got re-elected, while Georgia, Croatia and France joined the committee for the first time.

Separate quota has been allocated for the representatives of civil society. 37 candidates had been competing for 5 places. The names of the 5 winners is already announced:

In October 2014 the co-chairs of the Open Government Partnership will change.  As the Government of Indonesia and Rakesh Rajani complete their one-year term as lead chairs, the current support chairs – the Government of Mexico and Suneeta Kaimal – will assume the role of lead chairs.


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