Steering Committee Chairmanship

The leadership of the OGP Steering Committee is comprised of a revolving management team, including a lead government chair, a support (or incoming) government chair, and two civil society chairs.  The chairs are selected from among the representatives on the Steering Committee, with the goal of rotating government chairs across different regional groupings. The lead chair is responsible for establishing a temporary secretariat during its term, which works with the OGP Support Unit to formulate and implement OGP’s strategy, host meetings of the Steering Committee, and organize the annual OGP conference.



Minister Kuntoro Mangkusubroto
Government of Indonesia

Minister Florencio Abad
Government of the Philippines

Alejandra Lagunes
Government of Mexico

Deputy Minister Ayanda Dlodlo
Government of South Africa

Minister Francis Maude
Government of the United Kingdom

Under Secretary Sarah Sewall
Government of the United Stares

Minister of State Jorge Hage
Government of Brazil

Minister Mathias Chikawe
Government of Tanzania

Minister Tea Tsulukiani
Government of Georgia

Secretary Thierry Mandon
Government of France

Deputy Minister Joško Klisović
Government of Croatia


Civil Society

Ms. Cecilia Blondet

Mr. Manish Bapna
World Resources Institute (WRI)

Mr. Alejandro Gonzalez

Ms. Veronica Cretu
Open Government Institute

Mr. Alvin Mosioma
Tax Justice Network – Africa

Mr. Rakesh Rajani

Mr. Sugeng Bahagijo

Mr. Martin Tisne
Transparency and Accountability Initiative

Ms. Suneeta Kaimal
Revenue Watch Institute

Mr. Warren Krafchik
International Budget Partnership

Mr. Mukelani Dimba
Open Democracy Advice Centre (ODAC)


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